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Find Your Perfect Partner: Top 11 Glass Jar Manufacturers

George Yang, the pioneering founder of Glassays, has been at the helm of the glass packaging industry for years. Before establishing Glassays, he embarked on a journey as a glass enthusiast and designer, driven by the belief that every product deserves unique and exquisite packaging. In his entrepreneurial pursuit, George has revolutionized the way we perceive glass packaging.

George’s unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in every facet of his work. His expertise and innovative spirit have transformed Glassays into a symbol of creativity and quality in the world of glass packaging. With a keen eye for sustainable design, George ensures that each piece reflects not only the brand it adorns but also the values of responsible production.

George’s influence extends far beyond his company. His dedication to nurturing emerging talents and advocating for sustainable practices has left an indelible mark on the industry. Join him on a journey of creativity, innovation, and sustainable design as he shares insights, trends, and thought-provoking ideas in the realm of custom glass packaging. George is your trusted guide, ensuring that your products shine in packaging that’s as remarkable as the contents within.



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Through extensive research and consideration, I’ve discovered that Glassays stands out as the leading choice for businesses seeking a reliable and quality-assured glass jar manufacturer in China. However, the realm of glass jar manufacturing is not as straightforward as it may seem, with diverse business requirements and varying product specifications complicating the selection process.

Fortunately, I’ve done the heavy lifting for you, compiling an in-depth analysis of the top three manufacturers in this niche, each with their unique strengths and competitive advantages. I encourage you to continue reading for valuable insights that may prove pivotal in your quest for the ideal glass jar manufacturer.

So let’s dive in!

1. Feldman Industries – Best for High End Brands

Country & City: Guilford, Connecticut, USA
Established Date: 1895

Feldman Industries has built a sterling reputation grounded on dedication to their customers and consistent delivery of quality products. Over the years, Feldman has made strategic shifts, evolving from recycling and delivery of glass bottles to becoming a leading distributor of glass containers and metal closures.

Key Products: Glass Jars and Metal Closures

Take Away Note:
Feldman Industries is an excellent fit for businesses seeking a high-end brand appeal, given their extensive experience and dedication to delivering customer-specific solutions. However, they might not be the ideal fit for companies with strict budget constraints due to the premium associated with custom-made, high-end products.

2. Cincinnati Container Company – Best for Innovation

Country & City: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Established Date: 1932

Cincinnati Container Company prides itself on its extensive and varied inventory of rigid packaging, which is a testament to its commitment to innovation and meeting diverse customer needs. Cincinnati Container Company’s professional sales team works closely with clients to find the products they need, even when those products are not listed in their catalog.

Key Products: Rigid Packaging and Glass Jars

Take Away Note:
Cincinnati Container Company is the go-to manufacturer for businesses that value innovation and flexibility. With its extensive and varied inventory of rigid packaging, it can meet a wide range of business needs. However, businesses might need to adjust to the manufacturer’s innovative approach, which may involve exploring new product options outside of their initial requests.

3. Glassays – Best for Overall

Country & City: Shanghai, China
Established Date: 1998

Glassays has been recognizing the stagnant state of the market. Focusing on upgrading production techniques, injecting fresh ideas and state-of-the-art solutions into the industry. With more than two decades in business, we have received numerous certifications and awards that vouch for their unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards.

Key Products: Glass Jars and Glass Bottles

Take Away Note:
Glassays is the perfect fit for businesses seeking a reliable, quality-focused partner capable of adapting to the evolving market. Our dedication to innovation and consistent quality improvements set us apart as an ideal choice for businesses of all types. In the rapidly changing business landscape, it’s crucial to partner with a supplier who stays ahead of trends and continuously refines products to stay competitive.

4. Pegasus Glass – Best for Sustainability

Country & City: Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
Established Date: 1960

Pegasus Glass, through its zero-waste project, is leading the charge for sustainable glass manufacturing. The company’s commitment to environmentally-friendly practices involves recycling or reusing all its products, from glass to office paper. Even their packaging is being redesigned to utilize 100% recyclable materials.

Key Products: Glass jars and Glass containers

Take Away Note:
Pegasus Glass is an excellent choice for businesses that prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility. Their zero-waste project demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to glass manufacturing. However, companies may need to adjust to potential fluctuations in product availability and prices due to the nature of sustainable manufacturing practices.

5. Middle East Glass Manufacturing Co. (MEG) – Best for Large-Scale Production

Country & City: Cairo, Egypt
Established Date: 1979

The first privately owned glass manufacturer in the Egyptian market, MEG has grown to become a prominent player in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. With six furnaces, 17 production lines across three locations, and 10 decorating machines, MEG boasts a total capacity of 1,050 tons per day. Their glass bottles are offered to have the biggest decoration capacity in the MENA region.

Key Products: Flint Glass Bottles and Glass Jars

Take Away Note:
MEG is the ideal manufacturer for businesses seeking large-scale production capabilities and a flexible product range. Their extensive production and decoration capacities set them apart as a leading manufacturer in the MENA region. However, businesses seeking specialized, small-scale production may find MEG’s large-scale focus less suitable.

6. Specialty Bottle – Best for Small Businesses

Country & City: Seattle, Washington, USA
Established Date: 1999

Specialty Bottle is a national supplier of glass, plastic, and metal containers servicing over 50,000 customers throughout the United States and Canada. Catering to a diverse set of industries, Specialty Bottle shines in its commitment to small businesses and individuals, offering high-quality containers without surcharges for small orders.

Key Products: Glass jars and glass containers

Take Away Note:
Specialty Bottle is an optimal choice for small businesses seeking high-quality containers without the need for large order quantities. Their inclusive approach and dedication to servicing small orders makes them a standout choice for those starting up or operating on a smaller scale. However, larger businesses requiring vast quantities may need to communicate directly with Specialty Bottle regarding their needs.

7. General Bottle Supply – Best for Variety

Country & City: Los Angeles, California, USA
Established Date: 1989

Welcome to General Bottle Supply, the west coast’s premier distributor of wholesale jars and containers. As a family-owned and operated business, they place emphasis on providing a diverse range of products for multiple industries. Known for their competitive pricing and low minimums, they offer direct shipping and pick-up orders from their accessible location in downtown Los Angeles.

Key Products: Glass Jars and Glass Containers

Take Away Note:
General Bottle Supply is a great fit for businesses that require a wide variety of containers. Their extensive product range and industry coverage make them a versatile choice for businesses across multiple sectors. However, businesses located outside the west coast may need to account for shipping costs and delivery times in their planning.

8. Arkansas Glass Container Corporation – Best for Food-Grade Containers

Country & City: Jonesboro, Arkansas, USA
Established Date: 1948

Arkansas Glass Container Corporation, located in Jonesboro, Arkansas, specializes in the manufacture of glass containers, specifically food-grade containers. They produce glass containers ranging from 8 ounces to one gallon and also offer a unique patented design, the Stout, used for sauces, beverages, or dressings.

Key Products: Glass Jars and Stout Containers

Take Away Note:
Arkansas Glass Container Corporation is an excellent choice for businesses looking for food-grade containers. Their unique Stout containers could be particularly attractive for businesses in the food and beverage industry. However, their product range may not be as extensive as some other manufacturers.

9. Aaron Packaging – Best for Versatility

Country & City: United States
Established Date: 1991

Aaron Packaging is a manufacturer and distributor of rigid containers, with a product range that includes plastic bottles and jars from 1 oz. to 1 gallon. Their versatility extends to their services, as they can also source packaging if they can’t produce it. They aim to help businesses grow by providing the best and most economical packaging, maintaining a large stock to meet client needs quickly.

Key Products: Plastic Containers and Glass Jars

Take Away Note:
Aaron Packaging’s strength lies in its versatility and commitment to customer growth. Having them as a partner that aligns perfectly with your product line can streamline the supply chain and ensure that your exact needs are met every time. However, businesses solely interested in glass packaging may prefer a manufacturer with a more focused specialism.

10. Waterloo Container – Best for Wine Packaging

Country & City: Waterloo, New York, USA
Established Date: 1980

Waterloo Container started to support the burgeoning wine industry in the Finger Lakes of New York. They are a one-stop shop for high-quality glass containers and packaging products, continuously updating their inventory with new styles, colors, and services. The company prides itself on its large inventory of domestic and imported glass and values its American manufacturing partnerships.

Key Products: Glass Wine Bottles and Glass Jars

Take Away Note:
Waterloo Container is an optimal choice for businesses in the wine industry or those requiring a diverse range of glass packaging and accessories. Their commitment to supporting American workers and products may also appeal to businesses prioritizing domestic sourcing. However, businesses seeking more cost-effective solutions or those that do not prioritize domestic sourcing might find their services less appealing.

11. Gallo Glass – Best for Innovation and Sustainability

Country & City: Modesto, California, USA
Established Date: 1958

Gallo Glass is a highly innovative glass manufacturer, known for being the largest glass container plant in the United States. They’re committed to minimizing their impact on the environment, being the first industrial application of oxy fuel technology in container glass, resulting in an 80% reduction in NOx emissions.

Key Products: Glass Containers and Glass Jars

Take Away Note:
Gallo Glass is ideal for businesses seeking an innovative and sustainable glass manufacturer, particularly those in the wine and spirits industry. Their significant reduction in emissions demonstrates a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. However, their specialized focus may not suit businesses outside the wine and spirits industry.

5 Tips When Choosing Glass Jars Manufacturers

According to Report Linker, the global glass bottles and containers market with a production of 630.52 billion units in 2020, is expected to reach 883.52 billion units by 2027, registering a CAGR of 4.40%, during 2022-2027. Securing a reliable and high-quality supplier can position your business favorably within this expanding market. Hence, below are the tips that you should consider in choosing the best one:

#1 Quality Assurance

A reputable manufacturer should have a rigorous quality control system in place to ensure the consistency of their products. This means, for example, that jars should be free of defects, maintain a consistent size, and meet all other specifications to ensure that there will be no complaints in your business in the near future. Glassays is known for its strict quality control measures.




#2 Customization Options

The range of customization options offered by the manufacturer could include different colors, shapes, sizes, or even having your brand’s logo on the jars. Manufacturers like Glassays offer a wide array of customization options to its clients. In my experience, a unique, tailored design can make your product stand out on the shelf and enhance brand recognition among consumers.

Feature Importance
Custom Colors Important for product differentiation and to match brand colors.
Custom Shapes Helps your product stand out on the shelf.
Custom Sizes Important for meeting the specific needs of your product, e.g., small jars for samples, large jars for bulk items.
Logo Printing Enhances brand recognition among consumers.
Lid Customization Adds another layer of customization, like color-matching or logo imprinting on the lid.
Material Options Some brands may want to consider eco-friendly or premium materials for their jars.
Specialty Coatings Helps in UV protection, increasing product shelf-life, or adding a premium look.
Labeling Options Some manufacturers may offer labeling services, saving you the hassle of finding another vendor for this.
Packaging Options Different packaging options can be necessary depending on your distribution needs.
Lead Time Customization often comes with longer production times, so plan accordingly.
Cost Customization usually adds to the production cost. Budget accordingly.


#3 Production Capacity

A manufacturer should have the capability to meet your demand, whether it’s a small or large order. This ensures that your supply won’t be interrupted during peak demand periods. For example, a manufacturer known for their large production capacities produces 1000 glass jars per day, enabling them to cater to businesses of all sizes, should be your top choice.

#4 Eco-Friendliness

As per Business Wire, globally, sustainability is rated as an important purchase criterion for 60% of consumers. With more consumers becoming environmentally conscious, choosing a manufacturer who uses eco-friendly practices could be a strategic move. This can involve using recycled materials, minimizing waste, or implementing energy-efficient production methods.

#5 Customer Service

Don’t underestimate the importance of good customer service. A manufacturer that is responsive, accommodating, and helpful can make the process smoother and more efficient. In choosing your glass jar manufacturer, remember that your decision will significantly impact your product’s quality and your brand’s reputation.

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I understand the importance of reliable, high-quality glass jar suppliers, and we strive to provide the best for our clients. So why wait? Contact us today for more product details, and let’s create something exceptional together!

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