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Glassays, a market leader in the world of liquor bottle manufacturing. Our extensive experience and commitment to innovation set us apart in the industry.

We believe in creating products that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our personal touch is our dedication to quality, reflected in every bottle we craft.

We invite you to explore our range of offerings and discover how Glassays can elevate your brand to new heights.

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Crafting Your Full Solution

At Glassays, we pride ourselves on delivering packaging solutions that go beyond the ordinary. We understand that packaging is not just about containment; it's a canvas for your brand's story. With our commitment to excellence, we offer an extensive range of options, ensuring that your product finds its perfect match. Crafting a packaging solution is an art, and we're here to collaborate with you to ensure that your product's story is beautifully told through every detail. Explore the possibilities, immerse yourself in choices that resonate with your brand, and let us bring your packaging vision to life.
Color: A Palette of Possibilities Dive into a world of color that complements your brand identity. Our color options aren't just hues; they're expressions. From vibrant statements to muted elegance, our range of colors is designed to evoke emotions and create connections.Our existing stock of products covers a spectrum of colors that have been carefully curated to suit various industries and trends. If you have a specific shade in mind, our design team can work with you to create a custom solution that aligns seamlessly with your vision.
Shape: Beyond Conventional Form Shapes tell stories before words are spoken. Our collection includes a variety of shapes, each with its own narrative to enhance your product's appeal. Our designers have meticulously chosen and designed the most common shapes, keeping functionality and aesthetics in mind. If you're seeking uniqueness, we're prepared to explore custom shapes that can give your product a distinct edge. Our team is equipped to guide you through the design process, from concept to reality.
Size: Tailored to Fit One size doesn't fit all, and we acknowledge that. Our diverse range of sizes ensures that you find the perfect fit for your product, balancing form and function. Our stock includes various sizes that are frequently sought after, reflecting market demands and packaging trends. Should your product require a specific dimension, we're well-equipped to accommodate custom sizing requests. Our experts will collaborate with you to create a size that not only houses your product comfortably but also enhances its visual appeal.
Closures & Lids: Securing with Style Functionality meets elegance in our closures and lids selection. We've handpicked closures that marry convenience with aesthetics, safeguarding your product while elevating its presentation. Our stock includes closures that cater to different needs, whether it's tamper-evident features, easy dispensing, or a touch of luxury.Should your product necessitate a closure that aligns with your brand ethos, our team can assist in designing and producing a custom closure that completes your packaging vision.

Your Success. Our Promise.

01 Customization Made Easy You need a product that's tailored to your exact requirements, which is why we offer a wide range of customization options from bottle shape to color and labeling, working with you every step of the way to ensure that the final product meets your expectations.
02 Quality Control for Perfection You deserve the highest quality product, so we've implemented strict quality control processes to ensure that every glass bottle leaving our factory meets our exacting standards. Additionally, we provide detailed quality reports and offer optional third-party inspections upon request to guarantee your complete satisfaction.
03 Compliance with Quality Standards Are you looking for glass bottles that meet the highest safety and quality standards while minimizing any product liability issues? Look no further than Glassays, where we work hard to stay up-to-date with the latest regulations, ensuring that our products always meet the highest standards possible.
04 Glass Delivery with Confidence Shipping fragile glass bottles requires special care, and that's why we partner with reputable shipping companies who share our commitment to quality, ensuring that your order is delivered safely and on time while arriving in excellent condition.

Market Tends

Volume: 100ml, 350ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1000ml

Transmittance: frosted, clear


Key Features of Liquor Bottle

According to Meyers, packaging significantly impacts consumer behavior, with 72% of Americans stating it influences their purchasing decisions, and 81% considering it key when buying gifts. They are essential components of the brand’s identity and play a significant role in consumer perception. Here are several features that make them more than just simple containers.


The design of a liquor bottle is about more than just aesthetics – it’s a visual representation of a brand’s identity. Every element, from the bottle’s shape to its color and the label’s typography, communicates something about the brand. Moreover, the design must also consider functional aspects such as ergonomics for comfortable handling and pouring, as well as suitability for storage and transportation.


Quality in a liquor bottle refers to the choice of material and production techniques used. High-quality glass is essential as it can withstand various conditions like temperature changes, and it doesn’t react with the alcohol inside, preserving the drink’s taste and quality. Having seen countless bottles, I can attest that superior quality truly enhances the overall experience.


Customization in liquor bottles allows brands to differentiate themselves in a competitive market. This can include unique bottle shapes, distinctive colors, embossed logos, or custom labels. At Glassays, we offer a high level of customization to cater to each brand’s unique needs, whether they are looking for a classic design or something more avant-garde.


Sustainability in liquor bottle manufacturing involves using eco-friendly materials and practices. For example, using recycled glass reduces the need for raw materials and energy consumption during production. Additionally, designing bottles to be easily recyclable, such as by avoiding difficult-to-separate materials, contributes to a circular economy.


Liquor Bottle Applications

Retail Sales

Liquor bottles are widely used for retail sales. Brands package their spirits in our high-quality glass bottles, leveraging the premium look and feel to attract customers. According to Caltex Plastics, 72 percent of consumers say that packaging design influences their purchasing decisions. With their durability and visual appeal, these bottles enhance product visibility and encourage impulse buying.


Liquor bottles, especially miniature ones from Glassays, are perfect for product sampling. These small bottles allow customers to try a smaller amount of a product before committing to a full-size purchase. It’s a great way for brands to introduce new products or flavors to the market.

Gifting and Collectibles

Many people appreciate the aesthetic of a beautifully designed liquor bottle, making them great for gifts or collectibles. A unique or striking bottle design can increase the perceived value of the product, making it a coveted item for collectors or an ideal gift. In my experience, a well-designed bottle is often appreciated as a piece of art, adding charm to any liquor collection.

Liquor Bottle Volumes

100ml Liquor Bottle

This is a small-sized bottle often used for miniatures or sample-sized bottles. It contains 100 milliliters of liquor, which is equivalent to approximately 3.4 fluid ounces or 6.8 tablespoons. These bottles are commonly found in gift sets, used for promotional purposes, or for sampling different varieties of liquor without committing to a larger bottle.

350ml Liquor Bottle

This is a relatively small bottle, often referred to as a “half” bottle. It contains 350 milliliters of liquor, which is equivalent to approximately 11.8 fluid ounces or 23.7 tablespoons. This size is popular for individuals who prefer smaller quantities without purchasing a full-sized bottle. At Glassays, we offer a range of 350ml liquor bottles that are perfect for those seeking convenience and variety in their drinking experience.

500ml Liquor Bottle

This is a medium-sized bottle commonly known as a “fifth” or “half-pint” bottle. It contains 500 milliliters of liquor, which is equivalent to approximately 16.9 fluid ounces or 33.8 tablespoons. This size is often chosen for spirits or liqueurs that are not consumed as frequently or for those who want a moderate quantity for personal use.

750ml Liquor Bottle

This is the most common and standard size for liquor bottles. It is often referred to as a “standard” or “fifth” bottle. It contains 750 milliliters of liquor, which is equivalent to approximately 25.4 fluid ounces or 50.7 tablespoons. This volume is equivalent to a typical wine bottle and is the go-to choice for most spirits, including whiskey, vodka, rum, gin, tequila, and others.

1000ml Liquor Bottle

This is a larger-sized bottle, often referred to as a “liter” bottle. It contains 1000 milliliters of liquor, which is equivalent to approximately 33.8 fluid ounces. This volume is commonly used for spirits that are frequently consumed or for those who want to stock up on their favorite alcoholic beverages. In my personal experience, having a 1000ml bottle of my favorite liquor ensures I never run out during gatherings with friends or family.

100ml Liquor Bottle
350ml Liquor Bottle
500ml Liquor Bottle
750ml Liquor Bottle
1000ml Liquor Bottle

Liquor Bottle Types

Airplane Liquor Bottles

Also known as miniatures or mini-bottles, these are small liquor bottles often seen on flights, a type that Glassays expertly manufactures. They typically hold 50 milliliters of liquor, which is equivalent to a shot. Their compact size is perfect for single servings and makes them convenient for travel or as samples.

Clear Glass Liquor Bottles

These are the most common type of liquor bottles. Made from clear glass, they allow the color of the liquor to shine through, which can be a significant aspect of the product’s appeal. They’re versatile, suitable for a wide range of liquors, from clear spirits like vodka and gin to colored ones like whiskey and rum.

Frosted Liquor Bottles

Frosted liquor bottles have a stylish, matte finish that gives them a cool, sophisticated look. The frosting process involves etching the surface of the glass to create a smooth, non-transparent finish. These bottles are often used for premium brands as they exude an air of luxury and exclusivity. From my personal experience, I can say that there’s something truly special about the elegance of a frosted liquor bottle.

Airplane Liquor Bottles
Clear Glass Liquor Bottles
Frosted Liquor Bottles

Liquor Bottle Shapes

Square liquor bottles, like those produced by Glassays, have a unique, contemporary look that stands out on the shelf. The flat sides provide ample space for labeling and branding, and the angular design can reflect light interestingly. They also pack efficiently for shipping and storage due to their shape.

Some brands opt for unique, custom-shaped bottles to make a strong visual statement. These can take any form, from the curves of an animal silhouette to geometric designs or even abstract shapes. A unique bottle shape can become a recognizable symbol of the brand itself.

Round bottles are a classic choice for many liquors, and for good reason. Their symmetrical, cylindrical shape is pleasing to the eye and comfortable to hold. They are versatile, fitting in with a range of brand aesthetics, whether traditional or modern. Personally, I’ve always admired the timeless appeal of a round liquor bottle, as it never goes out of style.

Tall liquor bottles exude an air of elegance and sophistication. Their height can make them stand out on the shelf, and they are often associated with premium or luxury brands. However, they also require more careful handling due to their potentially higher center of gravity.

5 Considerations when buying Glass Juice Bottle

#1 Quality

Quality is key in choosing a liquor bottle. It’s crucial to select a bottle crafted from premium glass, ensuring durability and preserving the taste of the liquor. According to Glass Packaging Institute, as a nonporous and impermeable material, glass ensures there are no interactions that affect the flavor of beverages. It keeps the liquor’s strength, aroma, and flavor intact, providing a pure tasting experience with no unpleasant aftertaste.

#2 Design

The design of the bottle significantly impacts the brand image and consumer perception. The bottle should stand out on the shelf and align with the brand’s aesthetic. At Glassays, we understand that the design of the bottle plays a pivotal role in shaping the brand image and consumer perception. Our expertly crafted spirit bottles are meticulously designed to stand out on the shelf and align seamlessly with your brand’s aesthetic

#3 Customization Options

Depending on the brand’s needs, customization options might be a crucial consideration. For instance, if a brand is aiming for a vintage aesthetic, they might want to consider if the manufacturer can produce bottles with an antique finish or with embossed details. If a brand is targeting a high-end market segment, they may want to inquire about options for premium closures, such as cork or ornate metal caps.

#4 Sustainability

As environmental awareness increases, the sustainability of packaging materials becomes more important. Choose bottles made from recyclable materials and consider manufacturers who use sustainable production processes. In my view, embracing sustainability is not just a trend, it’s a responsibility we all share in our industry.

#5 Pricing

While quality and design are important, cost is also a significant factor. The pricing should align with the brand’s budget and the perceived value of the product. Remember, more expensive does not always mean better. It’s about finding the right balance between cost and quality.

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Proven Success Speaks for Itself

Mr. Mason Purchase Manager of Germany-Based Pharmaceutical Company

Thanks to Glassays’ R&D capacity and quality control ability, we achieved our goals for our pharmaceutical company. These bottles meet all the strict regulations and provide 30% improved protection and durability, ensuring my liquid medicines are safe and secure. Plus, Glassays’ solution helped me save money and reduce waste.

Mr. Griffin Packaging Manager of a US-Based Craft Beer Brewery Company

Thanks to Glassays’ exceptional custom design service, my craft beer brewery’s sales have increased significantly. Their team worked closely with me to create a unique and eye-catching design that perfectly reflected my brand and stood out on the market.

Mr. Benjamin Packaging Manager of a Japan-Based Beverage Company

Glassays exceeded my expectations by delivering large quantities of high-quality glass bottles in a short timeframe, while meeting strict requirements for bottle size, shape, and quality. I highly recommend Glassays to anyone in need of reliable and efficient glass bottle production.

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