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How Glassays Saves Mason 25% on Glass Bottle Costs


We are proud to have solved Mr. Mason’s problem by leveraging our R&D capacity to produce a stronger glass bottle and our exceptional quality control ability. As a purchase manager for a pharmaceutical company that produces liquid medicines, Mr. Mason had specific requirements for the glass bottles used to store their products.

They needed to be durable, safe, cost-effective, and provide a high level of protection for their liquid medicines. With our custom glass bottle production process and stringent quality control measures, we were able to meet and exceed Mr. Mason’s expectations.
Note: Out of respect for our customer’s confidentiality, we will not disclose their company name here.


Mr. Mason: Purchase manager of Germany-based pharmaceutical company

Current Problem

Mr. Mason faced the challenge of finding a local glass bottle manufacturer who could deliver the perfect solution to prevent damage to the medicines, maintain cost-effectiveness, and ensure customer trust in the pharmaceutical industry.


Mr. Mason’s demand was for 100,000 high-quality Amber glass bottles, meeting the USP Type III and European Pharmacopoeia (EP) standards, and being suitable for use in sterile environments through our sterilization certification.

Current Situation of Mr. Mason’s Company

Mr. Mason, the Purchase Manager of a German-based pharmaceutical company, had been struggling to find the perfect solution for their glass bottle needs.

Their liquid medicines required the highest level of protection, durability, and cost-effectiveness, while also meeting the strict standards and regulations of the pharmaceutical industry.

After numerous failed attempts at finding a local glass bottle manufacturer that could meet their specific demands.

Mr. Mason stumbled upon our company while he found us on google, and that’s where the real magic began.

In-Depth Investigation for Demands

As soon as Jessica received Mr. Mason’s email, she knew she had to act fast. She carefully read through his message to understand his specific needs and requirements for glass bottles. She realized that their liquid medicines required the highest level of protection, durability, and cost-effectiveness, while also meeting the strict standards and regulations of the pharmaceutical industry.

Jessica took it upon herself to conduct research on the pharmaceutical industry’s strict standards and regulations to ensure that the proposed solution would meet all necessary guidelines. She also asked Mr. Mason for more information about their liquid medicines and the specific types of glass bottles they had used in the past.

To make matters more challenging, Mr. Mason had some budget constraints that needed to be taken into consideration. But that didn’t deter Jessica from finding a solution that would be both cost-effective and high-quality. She took the time to understand Mr. Mason’s budget constraints and worked diligently to find the perfect fit for his company’s unique needs.

What Did We Do?

Enhanced Durability and Protection

It ensures the integrity of the liquid medicines during transportation and storage. With thicker walls or specialized coatings, the glass bottles can withstand shocks and temperature changes, which reduces the likelihood of damage to the medicines. This ensures that the quality of the medicines is maintained, and the risk of contamination is minimized, which is critical in the pharmaceutical industry.

Compliance With Regulations

Compliance with regulations is essential in the pharmaceutical industry, and using glass bottles that meet specific regulations and guidelines is crucial to maintaining the quality and safety of the liquid medicines. By using glass bottles that meet USP Type III and European Pharmacopoeia (EP) standards, Mr. Mason’s company can ensure that their liquid medicines are being transported and stored in containers that are suitable for their specific needs.

Cost-effective And Reusable

Using cost-effective and reusable glass bottles is beneficial because it reduces the need for frequent replacements, which saves costs in the long run. By using durable and reusable glass bottles, Mr. Mason’s company can reduce their expenses on container replacements, which can add up over time. This is especially true when dealing with large quantities of liquid medicines, as is the case with Mr. Mason’s demand for 100,000 high-quality glass bottles.

Easy-to-read Measurement Markings

Easy-to-read measurement markings: Adding clear and easy-to-read measurement markings on the glass bottles can help healthcare professionals accurately measure the liquid medicines, which is essential for ensuring the correct dosage is administered.

Goal Achieved: Optimal Protection, Compliance, Savings.

30% Improved Protection and Durability of Glass Bottles

When it comes to pharmaceuticals, protecting the product inside the bottle is crucial. That’s why Glassays provided Amber glass bottles that enhanced durability and protection. With a 30% improvement in protection and durability, Mr. Mason’s company could ensure the safety and quality of their liquid medicines during transportation and storage. No more worrying about breakages or damage during transit!

100% Compliance with Strict USP Type III and European Pharmacopoeia (EP) Standards

The pharmaceutical industry has strict regulations that must be followed to ensure the safety and efficacy of products. Glassays made sure that the Amber glass bottles they provided complied with USP Type III and European Pharmacopoeia (EP) standards. This means that Mr. Mason’s company could rest easy knowing they were following all necessary regulations and could deliver a safe and effective product to their customers.

25% Cost Savings with Reusable Glass Bottles

Who doesn’t love saving money? Glassays delivered a cost-effective solution by providing reusable glass bottles. Mr. Mason’s company saved money on container replacements, reducing their overall costs by 25%. This cost-saving solution not only helped the company’s bottom line but also helped reduce their environmental impact by reducing waste.

What Does Mr. Mason Say?

“Thanks to Glassays’ R&D capacity and quality control ability, we achieved our goals for our pharmaceutical company. These bottles meet all the strict regulations and provide 30% improved protection and durability, ensuring my liquid medicines are safe and secure. Plus, Glassays’ solution helped me save money and reduce waste. Thank you, Glassays, for providing a reliable and high-quality product!”

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